The Skin School

The majority of  today’s  beauty therapy training does not cover an in depth knowledge in the  Physiology of the Skin. A lot of  our skin training is learnt when we train in a specific brand of  skincare, this only teachers you  how a certain skin care works on the skin not how the skin works as an organ.

With a deeper understanding of the skin you will have knowledge and knowledge will give you an inform choice as to what works on the skin and why.

The Skin school will offer you  advance training  in the skin and its many conditions and  will open your mind to the new understanding of how this organ works and  how to treat it.

The education we will give you at The Skin School will

  • Make you understand how skin care works on the skin .
  • To know what your treatment protocols are for different skin conditions.
  • To set expectations and give realistic goals
  • To create client retention.

The skin school  supports the method  of Florence Barrett Hill and the Pastiche Method of Advanced Skin Analysis. you can start a journey of understanding the skin .  We have a selection on on line course, books , a free on line information plus my one day courses.

We are help to help you so please e mail or call us to start your learning in to the pastiche method of advance skin analysis