Do you respect your Skin’s Flora System

flora picDo you respect your skin’s Flora System?

Over the years we have been educated to understand the negative effects certain foods can have on the flora system of our stomachs.

  • Food intolerances are on the increase
  • Irritable bowel affect 1in 5 of us
  • We are aware of the benefits of probiotics to help the flora of our stomachs
  • And no one will go out of their way to get an upset stomach .

We have been  educated in the health of our gut

Unfortunately our perception of how we look after our skin’s health has not been updated for 30 years

Education in how we look after and treat our skin needs to change. (more…)

How Important is your Cleanser?

The wrong cleanser can cause havoc on your skin.


For years we have felt the need to cleanse our skin. We ask for deep cleansing facials and we use abrasive scrubs, skin mitts, products with alcohol in them; all with the intention of giving the skin “A GOOD CLEAN”.

What if I was to say that over cleansing the skin can cause more problems to your skin.

So if that is the case doing a deep cleanse is not really necessary. All you need is a cleanser that will remove this layer of grease and grime without any need to go any deeper. If you wear make-up then this layer of grease and grim will simply sit on top – so you just need a cleanser to clean your make up off and the job is all done!

Cleanser should not

  • Do not be fooled in thinking facial wipes are any better for the skin. As easy and lazy as they are, they are able to sit on a shelf for years and years. To be able to do that, they have to be full of all kinds of chemicals and preservatives. Do you want that on your skin? They can do more harm than sleeping with your make up on – a really big no-no in my book.

Alcohol cleanser: again a big no-no as they will not only take off the grease and grime, but also the natural oils on the skin that act as the barrier. By removing them on a daily basis you will only compromise your skin and will actually be fighting against it. Over cleansed skins can comprise the delicate layer that is there to protect us from the grease and grime of the world – by over cleaning it you are putting your skin under undue stress.

Do Over The Counter Products Work?

Do over the counter skin cares work?

In the last few years you can no longer just buy a face cream. We now have an array of new ground breaking creams that will do wonders for your skin. Some will stop spots and others are able to take away pigmentation and others will make you look younger.

Skincare has evolved the list of active ingredient is endless. The marketing is flawless and the price tag can be eye watering . (more…)

Florence Barrett Hill

Over 15 years ago I found a website called beauty mag on line.The information I found blew my mind away. I owe all my skin education to Florence Barrett Hill with out her books and depth of understanding the structure functions of the skin I would not be the skin educator I am today. So I give you Florence Barrett-Hill


Natural vs Chemical story

There are a lot of  products with long, chemical-sounding names, but  companies that manufacture them often say they are completely natural and chemical-free. What’s going on here. I found this explanation some years ago and kept it. I do not know the source but it makes light of the natural versus chemical story.  (more…)

The power of LED

The Importance of LED

It is important to understand one fundamental element, that light LED therapy, in whatever forms it is applied, does not CURE any skin condition. The reason being when applied in correct does and the relevant wavelengths, light actually stimulates the body’s cells towards balance or to re-regulate themselves, resulting in cellular regeneration. (more…)