About The Skin School

In the last 20 years the beauty industry has evolved,all our treatments and skin care products are all result driven. We are able to change skins.

The only problem with this growth within the industry the level of training in beauty schools has not kept up. We have seen this first hand when we have taken on new beauty therapists their level of Skin Physiology was not that deep enough.

From us taking the time to educate our therapists in the Physiology the Skin. The Skin  School was born.  We will not only educate you in the Structure and Function of the skin but how to run a successful skin clinic.

Our Motto is:

You are a skin treatment therapist and a skin diagnostic technician, understanding the skin is your lively hood, know it, understand it, live it, and breathe it. If you follow this rule choosing your skin care and skin treatments will be easy.