Cosmetic Chemistry Book

Cosmetic ChemistryNew Zealand’s most well known skin treatment expert, Florence Barrett-Hillhas released her new book, November 2009.

Cosmetic Chemistry for the skin treatment therapist is the much-anticipated follow-on from her globally read 2004 release, Advanced Skin Analysis.


Cosmetic chemistry is not another dictionary of cosmetic ingredients, but an informative look at understanding the subject of cosmetic chemistry from a Clinical Aesthetician and beauty therapist’s viewpoint.

Icosm chem bookn addition to explaining the basics of cosmetic formulations in the therapists’ terms, Florence shares how to read and understand product labels and evaluate likely product performance and contraindications from reading the label rather than believing marketing hype.In her new book, Florence explores the linking skin structure and function to ingredient choice for better treatment results and client satisfaction. She does this by approaching the major skin conditions therapists see on a daily basis and applying the knowledge of what is happening to the skin’s cells to the types of ingredients that will provide best therapeutic effect. This will help therapists provide more informed decisions about treatment strategies and advice regarding client home care options.

Florence has become somewhat of an industry icon to many therapists and aestheticians around the world from her global seminars on the subject of Advanced Skin Analysis.

When she first began teaching the subject back in 1994, many astute therapists quickly realized the future of beauty therapy was in providing professional skin treatment services. Today, thousands of therapists around the world have used Florence’s knowledge and training to enhance their careers in to professional skin treatment therapy.

Many leading icons in professional skin care recognise Florence as one of the few people uniquely capable to take professional skin treatment therapy and non-invasive aesthetic medicine in to the realms of scientific skin care, and her expertise is sought by organisations internationally.