Florence Barrett Hill

Over 15 years ago I found a website called beauty mag on line.The information I found blew my mind away. I owe all my skin education to Florence Barrett Hill with out her books and depth of understanding the structure functions of the skin I would not be the skin educator I am today. So I give you Florence Barrett-Hill

Florence Barrett-Hill

Florence Barrett-Hill is an internationally acclaimed independent aesthetic technical educator, practitioner, researcher, and author with a vast experience covering all aspects of professional aesthetic therapy and paramedical skin care.

Florence Barrett-Hill holds over a dozen diplomas and international qualifications covering every aspect of modern skin treatment therapy, and is well respected by her industry peers for her 30+ years of knowledge she loves to share.
Florence is the programme director of Pastiche Resources, a leading international postgraduate beauty industry education provider. Pastiche offer training programs covering a myriad of technical subjects in addition to product specific education on an international stage, with her most recognised “Pastiche Method® ” of skin analysis setting new standards in skin type and condition analysis.
Florence’s internationally respected “Advanced Skin Analysis” training program is a breakthrough post-graduate curriculum launched in 1994, and was the first to recognise and teach the importance of linking skin structure and function to skin condition. It has been taught in its evolving forms over the past 14 years, with thousands of skin treatment therapists, aestheticians and practitioners from around the globe taking their careers to new levels of success since graduation.

Florence Barrett-Hill has trained both generic and brand specific philosophies, understanding the wide range of treatment modalities, and their place in the industry.
With experience in owning and operating clinics, through to paramedical technical experience in the post operative care of burns survivors and plastic surgery patients and the formulation of skin care products, Florence Barrett-Hill is a uniquely talented industry practitioner who intimately knows her subject and is passionate about continually raising the standards of professional beauty therapy and skin care.
Intimate knowledge of skin biology, cosmetic chemistry and the professional beauty therapy industry has allowed Florence to develop and present specialised training programs for both industry suppliers and skin care therapists in a language the skin care therapist understands.

Florence Barrett-Hill has spent the last 30 years continually educating herself in all aspects of professional skin care, passing on her knowledge through acclaimed training courses and publications.
Florence Barrett-Hill has written hundreds of technical papers and manuals covering many aspects of paramedical skin treatment, and has published a number of industry related documents in both print and web media. Her research is ongoing; with beauty industry topical subjects being presented on her own on-line web magazine, Beautymagonline.com

In 2004, Florence Barrett-Hill published the ground breaking book “Advanced Skin Analysis”, a text now considered mandatory reading by professional skin care therapists and aesthetic tutors in 16 countries worldwide.
Praise for Florence’s philosophy, content and delivery has been high, with one training provider declaring the book “the most significant skin treatment therapy related book in a decade”
As a follow on to the skin analysis book, Florence released “Cosmetic Chemistry” in 2009. This text was greeted as a welcome change from the plethora of cosmetic ingredient dictionaries, and explains how to not only read cosmetic labels, but to determine the likely outcome from use on specific skin conditions without the marketing hype.

Florence is a sought after presenter of technical maters pertaining to skin treatment therapy, and travels internationally sharing her knowledge with individuals and groups who believe the future of professional skin care lies with a scientific foundation.
One of Florence’s personal career highlights was an invitation to speak at Hong Kong’s Asia Beauty 95′, where she presented the summary of her groundbreaking thesis ” Linking product composition to skin structure and function” to her peers.
This appearance led to invitations to present and provide educational services to many groups and organisations who had at last found a source of “generic” or non-product aligned technical information for their members.

Many leading icons in professional skin care recognise Florence as one of the few people uniquely capable to take beauty therapy and aesthetics in to the realms of scientific skin care, with her expertise sought by organisations internationally.
Many graduates and peers truly believe she provides the most informative and effective schooling for therapists in the world.
Florence regularly travels the world presenting seminars for major governing bodies such as CIDESCO, ITEC and other associations and groups who believe the future careers of aesthetic and skin treatment therapists requires a commitment to continuing education.

A brief history….
With a technical background in pharmacy, Florence graduated as a fully qualified CIDESCO and ITEC therapist and electrologist in 1975, operating and managing her own prosperous skin care clinics for 14 years before expanding her knowledge of the skin as a consultant technician in the post operative care of burns survivors and plastic surgery patients for a major Auckland (New Zealand) hospital.
It was here that a new perspective of skin analysis and treatment philosophy was born.
After returning from the paramedical side of clinical aesthetics and beauty therapy, she increased her experience by taking technical educator / researcher / tutor roles in both Australia and New Zealand.
Since 1994, Florence has been a full-time professional educator, consultant and presenter. Florence travels internationally conducting seminars were she shares her knowledge and passion for the industry she loves.

In 2005, Florence Barrett-Hill was honored with the prestigious “Award of Excellence for Services to the Beauty Industry” bestowed by her peers from the Association of Beauty Therapists of New Zealand.